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Sending a one-off, or a handful of items?

Simply enter a few details, choose a delivery option and print your postage in a couple of minutes.

  • No sign up required
  • Pay with card or PayPal
  • Postbox and Post Office® branch drop-off
  • No minimum order

Regularly selling through eBay?

Pull all your orders from eBay into a single list and get your packages out the door in no time.

  • Supports multiple eBay accounts
  • Pay with card or PayPal
  • Postbox and Post Office® branch drop-off
  • Save time with our collection services

Integrates with


Sell through eBay and Amazon and have an OBA account?

If you’re an eBay and/or Amazon seller with an OBA account, make the most of your access to discounted postage.

  • Supports multiple eBay and Amazon accounts
  • Works with our collection services
  • Post Office® branch drop-off
  • Payment via OBA only

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Help and advice

Parcel sizes

The price of your postage depends on the size and weight of the items you’re sending.

Check out parcel sizes

Sending to international addresses

See how you can send letters and parcels overseas.

International delivery options

Restricted goods

Some items, such as alcoholic beverages and batteries, are restricted in the mail.

See full list of restricted items

Prohibited goods

Some items, such as matches and pesticides, cannot be sent in the post.

See full list of prohibited goods

Compatibility and system requirements

Click & Drop is compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, and can be used on both Mac and PC.

To print your postage, you'll need to use free Adobe Reader.
Click & Drop is available for the majority of our UK and international services.